To develop as a world class institution for research, quality analysis, education and training of indigenous foods.

The objectives of the Council are:-

  1. To equip the entrepreneurs and exporters in Kerala/ India in exploration of the market place and to export indigenous products of food and beverages effectively and compete globally.
  2. To do focussed research in the area of indigenous foods and beverages with a view to assist the food industry.
  3. To facilitate effective linkage between research institutions and academics in food sector and industry in Kerala.
  4. To assist farmers/ entrepreneurs in ensuring international standards in the preservation and processing of agricultural products and processed foods.
  5. To help agriculturalist to adopt modern methods of preservation and processing of food/ products.


Components of CFRD

  1. Food Quality Monitoring Laboratory (FQML),
  2. College of Indigenous Food Technology (CFT-K),
  3. Food Processing Training Centre (FPTC).


Components in the final stage of completion

  1. Fruits’ and Vegetables’ Dehydration Plant and Chilled Storage at Elanji, Ernakulam District.
  2. School of Food Business Management.



The Food Quality Monitoring Laboratory established in 2008 under the Council for Food Research & Development, Kerala, is a world class food testing laboratory. The FQML consists of Microbiology and Chemical Divisions. It is the first fully automated Microbiology and Chemical laboratory in Kerala in public sector. It has modern facilities for analyzing microbiological and chemical parameters of food, feed, water, food additives and any type of agricultural products so as to evaluate its quality, safety and nutrition parameters for human consumption as well as for animal, poultry and fish.

The Food Safety Standards Authority of India, New Delhi has notified FQML as an approved institution to conduct food quality and safety analysis and also for induction of training for Food Safety Officers of various State Governments in India.

Under FQML a Drug Testing Laboratory has been set up and has equipments like Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer- Mass Spectrometer (LCMSMS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Refractive Index Detector)(HPLC (RID) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Photo Diode array Detector )HPLC(PDA).



The College of Indigenous Food Technology (CFT-K), is a prominent educational institution governed by Council for Food Research and Development, Kerala (CFRD), under the Department of Food and Civil Supplies Govt. of Kerala. The CFT-K is a pioneer institution providing quality education in the field of Food Technology and Quality Assurance and the only institution that provides undergraduate course in the field of Food Technology affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. The college of Indigenous Food Technology was started in 2009 with the objective of offering UG and PG courses in Food Technology and allied subjects.
The College CFT-K, in self financing mode, is running in full swing with MSc and BSc students. Till date eleven batches of MSc students and seven batches of BSc students in Food Technology and Quality Assurance have passed out. The students of the college have immense employment opportunities. There was also campus selection for the MSc and BSc students by various companies including Supplyco.



Food Processing Training Centre started functioning in 2010 under CFRD. Particular emphasis is given for food processing, value addition, quality assurance and food safety reflecting the growing health concerns of the consumers and the demand for safe and convenient food products. Every year a number of trainings are being conducted on Food Hygiene and Food processing. The FPTC is fully set up and various training programs have been successfully completed. The centre has wide range of equipments related to food processing.

• Mini Incubation Centre

The Food Processing Training Centre , under CFRD is equipped with pilot level equipments to demonstrate value addition and modern food processing. CFRD is conducting several training programmes on food processing and value addition. A major detriment to turn entrepreneur trainees into actual entrepreneur is the absence of incubation facility. The Mini food Processing Incubation centre is established in the campus to provide incubation for initial entrepreneurs.

Components in the final stage of Completion


4. Fruits’ and Vegetables’ Chilled Storage & Dehydration Unit at Elanji

The establishment of a world class model Fruits’ and Vegetables’ Dehydration Unit and Chilled Storage at Elanji, Ernaklulam District , for the dehydration and chilled Storage of Fruits and Vegetables particularly from Ernakulam District and adjoining areas in central Kerala, an agrarian region contributing significantly to the economy of Kerala. Even though rubber is the major cash crop a variety of crops, like fruits, vegetables and nuts are cultivated in this region. Pineapple, mango, jack fruit, banana, plantain and the vegetables like snake gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, pumpkin, melons, cucumber and the nuts coconut, cashew nut and areca nut are cultivated in significant areas. However these crops are produced in a short span of time between the monsoon season (June to August) and the peak summer season (March to May). The short crop season (October to February) is a time of harvesting many of these crops. Obviously this season is also a time of low prices and high wastage/ loss of a variety of crops. The significant level of wastage and the seasonal low price are major reasons affecting the profitability of Kerala Farmers. This situation is gradually leading to reduction in farming activity in Kerala. In order to solve the issue, CFRD has proposed to establish a Fruits and Vegetables Dehydration and Chilled storage at Elanji. The unit planned shall have a chilled storage facility with an installed capacity of 500 tons for vegetables, 250 tons for fruits and 500 tons for bulbs and rhizomes as well as refrigerated transport facilities as per GMP, HACCP, hygiene and sanitation norms.


5. School of Food Business Management

For processing Agricultural produce into value added food products and their commercial production, there is need for trained management experts in food processing and food business. At present, there are only very limited facilities offering programmes in food business management. To fill up this gap and to promote processing and value addition of agricultural products, CFRD proposes to start MBA programme in Food Business Management.
The facilities for this course will be arranged in the CFRD Campus at Konni. Through this academic programme it is proposed to generate trained management experts in food management, so as to man the emerging food processing industry in Kerala.